Incredible Edible Tormorden gives free access to locally grown food to everyone

Incredible Edible Todmorden gives free access to locally grown food to everyone

Here's the problem: The rapid expansion of cities is breaking the relationship that people have with the food ecosystem. Although the problem is receiving attention by some city officials, and they are adopting new sustainability programs and policies, it is a time-consuming, top-down process with an uncertain impact. What if with a bottom-up approach of small, local actions citizens can engage with could have a massive impact?

Sociocracy and the New Economy

Jennifer Rau
Jul 31, 2017
Sociocracy and the New Economy
The non-profit Sociocracy for All has been calling sociocracy the “operating system of the New Economy”.
We say that sociocracy could be at the heart of the New Economy. Before we describe how sociocracy and collaborative paradigms go together, let’s look at the New Economy.

Le boom des supermarchés coopératifs

Depuis le poulet aux hormones chanté par Jean Ferrat, les scandales n’ont cessé de ternir l’image de l’industrie agro-alimentaire.


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