Three women architects re-use construction site waste to renovate the homes of people in a precarious situation



Nathalie  August 21, 2019  ENVIRONMENT, INNOVATION


A 100% women's initiative to help those in poor housing! The association collects waste from building sites to renovate the homes of people in need.

Waste recycling is at the heart of the concerns of the public authorities (by promoting refundable bottles) but  some associations have also made recycling materials their main focus.

The association Faire Avec, founded by three women architects, recovers waste from the building sector, which produces more than 50 million tonnes each year, to renovate the homes of people in precarious situations. This means that 2 million people living in poor housing can benefit from the great idea of the association Faire Avec. The association works in partnership with another association Phenix, which specializes in the recovery of waste from businesses. was launched in 2017 and founded by three young architects joined by Anne-Claire Poirson, an environmental economist. The reuse of industrial waste was a priority for these women who were environmentally conscious and willing to bring a social dimension to this recycling. The association is mainly aimed at property owners in financial difficulty or at shelters that often need renovation work. 

The discarded materials are recovered directly from the companies. Thus, windows, doors or plasterboard that usually end up in the landfill are recovered. The second life of waste is ensured and the living conditions of people with inadequate housing are greatly improved. 

It is still necessary to convince construction companies to give away their waste free of charge instead of destroying or throwing it away, and this is apparently not the easiest step. The association Faire Avec already has other projects such as the renovation of a tower in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, using only construction site waste.

Moreover, Faire Avec has just received the Vision 2018 award from the Cognacq-Jay Foundation, which rewards social and solidarity projects.

If you are a building professional, do not hesitate to contact the association Faire Avec, which will inform you of the steps to follow. And if you are an individual but the project seems interesting to you, you can support them with a donation... Another great initiative for the environment and people in need... We agree 200%. How about you?

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